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Dog Anti-Shock Bungee Car Seat Belt


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Ensure your dog’s safety while adhering to the law (Highway Code rule 57) with our Anti-shock Dog Car Seat Belt Lead. This quick, easy, and convenient product provides a secure and comfortable way to restrain your dog in the car while driving. Crafted from robust nylon, the belt easily connects to your dog’s harness and into the car seat belt clip, providing a secure hold.

An additional safety feature is the elastic bungee shock absorber, which helps protect your dog from sudden stops or sharp turns. This feature ensures their comfort and safety throughout the journey.

The belt’s adjustable length, ranging from 74cm to 142cm, makes it perfect for dogs of all sizes – small, medium, or large. Moreover, the design includes a 360-degree swivel hook that allows your dog to sit, stand, turn around, and get comfortable without the fear of entanglement.

Finally, the 2.1cm universal seat belt clip is compatible with 99.9% of vehicles with standard seat belt fittings. However, we recommend verifying compatibility before purchasing, as it may not fit some Volvo or Hyundai models.



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