Flea & Tick Pet Collar


Keep your furry friend safe and sound with this Flea & Tick Pet Collar.

With its unique formula, this collar offers up to 4 months of protection against fleas and ticks. It is adjustable and designed to provide maximum comfort for your pet. For best results, replace the collar every four months or when effectiveness diminishes.


Be sure to observe the neck area for signs of skin irritation and remove the collar immediately if any occur. This collar should also be removed when the animal is wet or bathed and replaced when dry. Give your pet the peace of mind they deserve and get them this Flea & Tick Pet Collar today!



Small – 33cm (Cats)

Medium – 40cm (small dogs)

Large – 60cm (large dogs)

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Life Stage:  Puppy from 12 weeks 
Do not use on pregnant animals
-keep out of reach of children
-wash hands after handling collar


FITS MOST DOGS: The collar is made of high-quality water-resistant material, pliable, smooth and attractive. It does not stretch out with wear nor falls off with activity. This sturdy collar features 3 sizes  has a secure lock, from a small pup to a fully grown large dog breed. Save time, energy, and money from monthly buying tick and flea medication with the collar!   

KEEP THE PESTS AWAY: The controlled release of active ingredients of this pleasant-smelling flea and tick control collar will coat your pet’s entire body in only 24 hours, effectively preventing and removing ticks, lice, larvae, and mosquitoes.
 ANIMAL AND HUMAN SAFE: The formula in the collar is recommended as a strong repellent that keeps off all the parasites for up to 4 months, 

 ADJUST THE LENGTH IN NO TIME: you can easily trim the excess off. The flea collar for dogs will fit dogs ranging in size from small puppies 12 weeks old to larger dog breeds. Ideal for growing pets, you only need to check the puppy flea collar periodically and adjust the fitting.   

 4 MONTHS OF 24/7 PROTECTION AGAINST PESTS: Easy to apply, the 4-month flea collar for dogs will repel and kill fleas, ticks, and other insects on contact. Quite effective and cleverly designed, the flea tick collar constantly releases its active ingredients. Water-resistant,

Adjust the collar to comfortably fit your dog and cut any excess length.

The flea and tick collar is a great tool to neutralize any disease-carrying parasites found in your dog.   
 PREVENT ALLERGIC REACTIONS ON YOUR PET’S SKIN: The dog flea collar is sturdy and long-lasting. The natural formula of the flea collar for CATS/DOGS makes it completely safe for your pet. With active ingredients that spread using the dog’s natural skin oils, the dog flea and tick collar will keep away harmful insects.   
ENSURE YOUR DOG’S COMFORT AND HEALTH: Designed to fit most dogs of all sizes, the flea medicine for dogs will save them from itchiness and severe scratching. Wearing the preventative tick collar, you lower the risk of your pet developing bad rashes which can lead to various infections and diseases.


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