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Hooded Cat Litter Box with Scoop


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Our Hooded Cat Litter Box is designed with your cat’s comfort and your convenience in mind. Its features include:

Deep tray with removable rim: The litter box has a deep tray that provides ample space for your cat to move around and do their business comfortably. The removable rim makes it easy to clean and maintain the litter box, ensuring a hygienic environment for your cat.

Suitable for cats and kittens of all ages: Whether you have a tiny kitten or a full-grown cat, our litter box is designed to accommodate them. The spacious tray allows cats of all sizes to use it comfortably.

Rounded corners: The litter box features rounded corners that prevent litter from sticking and accumulating in hard-to-reach areas. This design makes it easier to clean and maintain the litter box, saving you time and effort.

Carbon-impregnated filter: Our litter box includes a carbon-impregnated filter that efficiently traps and eliminates unpleasant odours. This helps to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, even when the litter box is nearby.

With these features, our Hooded Cat Litter Box provides a comfortable and private space for your cat to use the litter while keeping the surrounding area clean and odour-free. Its removable rim and rounded corners make cleaning a breeze. Choose our Hooded Cat Litter Box to provide your cat with the privacy they crave and to maintain a clean and fresh environment for both you and your pet.

Dimensions Door Opening Size
Length: 53cm (L) Height: 20cm (H)
Height: 41cm (H) Width: 20cm (W)
Width: 41cm (W)


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