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Ultra Comfort Dog Muzzle: Basket Design


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Introducing our comfortable and reliable dog muzzle designed for your furry companion’s safety and well-being. This muzzle serves multiple purposes, preventing wound licking, ingestion of harmful substances, and injuries from dog fights. Crafted from durable yet soft materials, it guarantees toughness and comfort.

Featuring adjustable straps, it’s easy to put on and take off while ensuring a secure fit. The safety strapping includes two additional attachment points, keeping the muzzle securely fastened. Soft neoprene padding adds extra comfort.

Ensure your dog’s safety and comfort during various activities with this reliable muzzle. The adjustable straps provide a perfect fit, giving you peace of mind.

Size Mouth Length
X-Small 20cm 9cm
Small 24cm 11cm
Medium 28cm 12cm
Large 32cm 13cm
X-Large 36cm 14cm
XX-Large 40cm 15cm


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