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Deep Tray Hamster Cage on Wheels


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Introducing our Deep Tray Hamster Cage on Wheels – the ideal abode for your petite furry companion. This cage provides a safe haven for your hamster while offering you the creative freedom to personalise it. You can add a variety of toys and activities to make the space unique and enjoyable for your pet.

What’s more, the cage is conveniently equipped with wheels, making it easier for you to transport your pet around the house. Whether it’s for a change of scenery or for easy cleaning, the mobility of this cage adds an extra layer of convenience.

To add a splash of joy to your décor, the cage is available in four vibrant colours. Choose the hue that best complements your room or your hamster’s personality!

Spacious enough for your hamster to roam freely, while being compact enough to fit comfortably in your home. With our Deep Tray Hamster Cage on Wheels, your hamster’s comfort and happiness is just a wheel-turn away.

Dimension Measurement (cm)
Length 60
Width 35
Height 33


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