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Dog Life Jacket 3 styles Shark, Mermaid or Clownfish


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Introducing our Dog Life Jacket, made from soft yet durable Neoprene material. This jacket has been designed to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort during their aquatic adventures.

The jacket includes a plastic ring for dog leash attachment. This feature ensures your furry friend always stays close to you, providing an extra layer of safety during their swimming sessions.

A key feature of our jacket is the durable rescue handle on top. This allows for quick and easy grabbing, providing an additional safety measure during your pet’s water activities.

The jacket also comes with adjustable nylon straps. These straps offer a perfect fit for any dog size, ensuring maximum comfort and security. The addition of easy-click buckles makes the jacket user-friendly, allowing for easy dressing and removal.

Our Dog Life Jacket is more than just an accessory. It’s an essential piece of gear that combines convenience, comfort, and safety for your pet’s swimming activities. Let your furry friend dive into fun, knowing their safety is well taken care of.

Size Back Length Chest
Small 30cm 32-54cm
Medium 35cm 44-64cm
Large 44cm 69-80cm


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