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Are you worried about your four-legged friend in this heat?

Well, here at Paws and Tails we want to do what we can to help all our paws pooches.  So welcome to our summer survival guide!

Here we will be sharing our best tips for keeping your pup safe in the sun and our most loved summer products to help keep them cool. You can shop all products mentioned in the summer section of our website.

We all love the summer. The sun is beaming down, going to the beach, catching a tan. While that is all fun for us, it can be dangerous for our pets. Did you know dogs can get sunburnt and even heat stroke just like we can? That’s why we need to take every precaution to keep them safe.

Here are our top tips for keeping your pets calm during summer, whether you’re taking them on a trip or if we have a heat wave here in the UK:

Keep your pups safe with Paws and Tails!!

Our Summer section on is perfect for all your pet’s summer needs, from freezable toys to cooling jackets and mats, even life jackets for when they go swimming. Our most recommended products for the perfect summer survival kit are:

All the toys listed can be popped into the freezer to create a fun but safe playtime, it’ll keep your pups cool and hydrated.

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