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All-in-One, Self-Replenishing Water Feeder


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This all-in-one pet feeding solution offers a blend of convenience and consistent water supply for your beloved pet. Your pet will never experience thirst with this self-replenishing system. Simply fill the tank up with water, and watch as it automatically refills the bowl every time your pet takes a drink. This ingenious mechanism ensures that fresh water is always available, reducing the risk of dehydration and keeping your pet healthy and happy.

The feeder is not just functional but also versatile, designed to be suitable for both cats and dogs. Regardless of your pet’s breed or size, this feeder offers a universal solution to meet your pet’s hydration needs.

With its sleek design, this feeder blends seamlessly into any home decor, offering an unobtrusive addition to your pet’s essential items. It’s the perfect blend of style, convenience, and functionality, designed with your pet’s wellbeing in mind.

Dimension Measurement (cm)
Length 31.5
Width 27.5
Height 20.5


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