Dog Ball Fetch Training Treat Dispenser

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not a electric ball thrower. your pet puts the ball in, the ball then falls through
releasing a treat.

A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME: Entertain your canine friend the easy way with this Fetch & Treat ball game. Simply load up your dog’s favourite treats and watch them figure out how to dispense them by fetching the ball back and loading it into the console. Your dog will be entertained for hours and you don’t have to put in any hard work!

EASY TO USE: This ball game couldn’t be easier to use. The innovative design allows your dog to play this game by themselves, all they need to do is fetch the ball and drop it back into the console to receive a treat. Once the ball is dropped back into the console, it triggers a treat of your choice to be released and the ball will be rolled from the console to start the game all over again!

BRAIN TRAINING: This game is perfect for allowing your dog’s brain to become interactive and training themselves to understand the fetch/treat scenario.

SIT BACK & RELAX: Playing fetch with an energetic dog can become tiresome. Sometimes it’s as if they never get tired! With this super-fun ball game, it’s the optimum way to entertain your dog for hours.

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18cm x 18.5cm
7cm Ball Hole
2 Treat Flaps
Supplied with 2 Balls


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