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Large Triangle Cage Litter Tray


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This triangle cage litter tray is perfect for most caged animals, specifically rabbits. It clips onto the side of the cage to stop movement. Yes you really can train your smaller animals to use the tray, it is natural instinct for them to go in one specific area of their home. This also makes your life a lot easier when it comes to cleaning, simply remove the tray, empty any mess, wipe down and place back in. The wired design also stops from your pet standing in any mess, overall making it a much more hygienic way for them to live. The tray can be placed anywhere inside of any cages, the triangle shape means it’ll fit snug into every corner to create more room for fun activities for your pet. Also it features a pet-friendly low-entry design, making it easy for pets to get inside and use. Elevated corner to help prevent spillage.

It comes in 2 different colours so it will brighten up every cage.

Size: 35x24x18cm



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