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Heavy Duty Puppy Training Pads


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Introducing our Ultra-Absorbent Puppy Pads: Experience superior absorption compared to standard pads, which typically hold 250-270ml. Our pads contain enhanced levels of S.A.P. (Super Absorbent Polymer), absorbing 300ml-500ml of liquid.


  • Exceptionally absorbent puppy/pet training pads with a waterproof rear sheet
  • Efficient moisture-locking system prevents leakage and keeps your pet dry
  • Simplifies house training for pets
  • Utilizes highly absorbent sap (polymer) for superior performance, avoiding recycled paper found in lower-quality alternatives
  • Hygienic and easy to dispose of
  • Sealed backing protects flooring, featuring 4 tabs for secure floor placement
  • Each pad contains super absorbent polymers that turn urine into gel, surpassing paper-based alternatives
  • Ideal for house training puppies and dogs
  • 5-layered protection ensures minimal mess
  • Outstanding absorbency and quality at a great value
  • Antibacterial properties for enhanced protection
  • Effectively locks in wetness and controls odors


  • Small: 60 x 45cm
  • Large: 60 x 90cm


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