Covered Litter Tray

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With Lid  L50 x W41 x H39 cm

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Removable hinged rear lid; Makes cleaning quick and easy and hides the contents out of sight

Scoop included; Comes with a cleaning scoop to make life easier

Carbon Sachet Air Filter; Minimizes any smell from inside the litter box

Other features; Deep litter tray, strong lockable clips, carry handle, swinging door

Give your cat the luxury they deserve with this cat litter box with scoop included. The removeable lid means that the contents of the litter box are hidden, whilst also making it easier to clean as you simply remove the lid and empty the contents. It features a clever charcoal filter at the top of the lid which helps eliminate any potentially nasty smells.

The deep tray means it can hold a large quantity of litter,

This cat litter tray also comes with a cleaning scoop.

1 review for Covered Litter Tray

  1. Corby Butterworth

    A smart and sturdy tray. Keeps everything contained. Easy to clean with the back that opens up.

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