Dog Saddle Outdoor Harness Backpack


The Dog Saddle Outdoor Harness Backpack comes in 4 colors 3 sizes this versatile backpack is perfect for hikes, walks, or training your pet.

A PVC grip is accessible to control. Made from breathable mesh cloth filled with sponge padding, its comfortable and will not stick to dogs’ hair or leave them uncomfortable.

With reflective design and a large capacity backpack ensuring safety when you are outdoors.


Saddle Backpack Features:

Item Type: Pet Backpack Bag

Material: Oxford Cloth, Mesh, 100% waterproof

Colour: Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange

Feature: Durable

Target Audience: Dogs

3 sizes: small, medium, large

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Size Guide:

Chest Circumference: 54-64cm / 19.7″-25.2″; Belly Girth: 38-47cm / 15″-18.5″; Neck Girth: 42-47cm / 16.5″-18.5″; Backpack Body Length: 20.5cm / 8.1″


Chest Circumference: 70-93cm / 27.6″-36.6″; Belly Girth: 49-64cm / 19.3″-25.2″; Neck Girth: 53-65cm / 20.9″-25.6″; Backpack Body Length: 22.5cm / 8.9″


Chest Circumference: 80-96cm / 31.5″-37.8″; Belly Girth: 70-95cm / 27.6″-37.4″; Neck Girth: 59-75cm / 23.2″-29.5″; Backpack Body Length: 25cm / 9.8″


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