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New Kitten Survival Guide

Are you expecting a new arrival?

Well here is our full proof guide to help you prepare for your new kitten.

We all know how exciting getting a new fur baby is but sometimes its not as easy as we initially think. At the end of the day, we’re taking a kitten from its mum and siblings and putting them into brand new surroundings, which can be very nerve wracking. Therefore, its our job to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Here are Paws and Tails top tips for helping your kitten feel right at home.

The main thing is making sure the kitten in comfortable, it’s been through a lot so we have to keep things calm and comfortable. The first thing you need to do is make sure you’re prepared for their arrival. So that’s kitten proofing the house, close off any hard to reach areas/places you don’t want them to get to, as trust me, they will want to hide anywhere out of sight for the first 24hours at least. After that it’s making sure you have all the kit you may need. Here’s a check list so you don’t forget anything. All recommended products will be linked below.

Kitten shopping list:

  • Litter Tray – place this in a quiet area, away from their food station
  • Litter – Top Tip, ask for some of the little they’ve been using and take a sprinkle of that with you, this will help the transition and hopefully lead to less accidents
  • Food/water bowls
  • Food – Top Tip, try to find out what brand they’ve been eating so far and keep it the same, this will help the settling process.
  • Carry crate – make sure it’s well ventilated
  • Bed – something with a cover would be perfect as this might become their hiding spot rather than in a cupboard or under the sofa.
  • Blanket – to keep them cosy and gives them the perfect portable place to curl up and sleep rather than moving their bed around
  • Toys – a fishing rod toy is the perfect choice for energetic kittens
  • Scratch post/climbing frame – this will keep them entertained and fingers crossed, stops them from destroying the rest of the house.

Once you bring them home let them explore, the key thing to do is let them come to you, as I said they will hide up, let them know you’re there but don’t force them to come out. Just let them have a sniff round and explore their new surroundings. They’ll come out when they’re ready. Start by introducing them into two different rooms before you let them roam the whole house, this is less overwhelming for them but also means you can keep track of them better. Make both these rooms their own space, so where you want them to sleep, eat, have their littler tray etc. this way they’ll know where everything is when you open up the rest of the house to them.

These are just our suggestions to get your kitten settled in, we hope they work for you! Most of all, enjoy bringing your new fur baby into your home.

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