Medium Multilevel Cat Tree Scratching Post Climbing Activity Centre


This is A New Deluxe Fully Integrated Cat Activity Centre.

Everything you need for a happy and healthy cat or kitten.

 Size: 120cm high

 Please make sure you have enough space!!

Bases are wide giving a very stable platform.

Up to 4 platforms at various heights for movement

Up to 4 nap areas for a quick 40 winks

Up to 1 caves for longer sleep/rest periods

Up to 6 scratch posts to take care of claws

  • These multiple level cat trees are designed for more than one kitten to play at the same time.This spacious cat tree tower can avoid kittens fighting for a place to play and lay. It expands the usable area vertically and offers more space for pets to climb and explore.
  • SAFE & SECURE: This cat tree tower is made of safe and environment-friendly materials. Non-toxic particle board is covered with soft and skin-friendly plush, and posts are coiled with natural sisal. Sisal rope coiled posts help develop positive scratching habit; The multi-layer tower meets the climbing nature of kittens.
  • Worry-free assembly: Don’t worry about the assembly of our cat activity centre ,It comes with a step-by-step instruction sheet  If you have any questions about our cat tower, please feel free to contact us!
Medium Multilevel Cat Tree Scratching Post Climbing Activity Centre


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