Heavy Duty Dog Puppy Training Wee Pads Floor Toilet Mats


Our Puppy Pads are much more absorbent than most on the market. Standard pads will only absorb up-to between 250-270ml of liquid. Our Pads have increased levels of S.A.P. (Super Absorbent Polymer) and will absorb between 300ml-500ml of liquid.


  • Highly absorbent puppy/pet training pads with waterproof rear sheet.
  • Highly absorbent, locks in moisture to stop leakage and keep your pet dry.
    House training made easy.
  • Contains highly absorbent sap (polymer) not a cheap version using recycled paper like so many others. Hygienic and easy to dispose of.
  • Sealed back to protect flooring, with 4 tabs to secure to floor.
  • Each pad is filled with super absorbent polymers turning urine into gel (not paper as cheaper inferior alternatives).
    House Training Pads For Puppies And Dogs.
    Multi Absorbent Layers Ensure Less Mess (5 layers of protection).
  • Super Absorbency.
    Super Quality and Great Value.
    Antibacterial protection.
    Locks in Wetness.
    Control Odours.

Small: 60 X 45cm
Large: 60 x 90cm

Heavy Duty Dog Puppy Training Wee Pads Floor Toilet Mats
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