Cooling Pet Coat


Prevent heatstroke with our Cooling Vest.

How the Cooling Vest Works:

The surface layer is a heat-proof two-color net, which has good air permeability and can reduce the heat from the outside. It’s filled with plain cotton and stores water through the principle of evaporation and heat absorption to provide a constant source of coolness.

The part close to the pet is a cool-sensing fabric that resists heat and reduces the temperature. The cool-sensing fabric adjusts the temperature by absorbing heat. The cool factor brings cool comfort to the pet. (The fabric does not contain chemicals, polymer materials, glues, crystals, or phase change materials. The fibers used are safe and non-irritating fibers. Compared with ordinary moisture-proof fabrics, this fabric is light, breathable, and comfortable to wear.)


Pet Cooling CoatGrey, Yellow and Blue
Cooling Pet Coat
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