2-in-1 Automatic Food and Water Dispenser Station


This pet feeder is food bowl and water dispenser in one.

With the large container, you can store up to 5 litres of dry food and keep it fresh. You get to decide how much food comes out at one time. Once your pet is finished feasting, new food will automatically pour out. The water bottle makes sure water provisions are secured: Just screw it into the holder and water pours out, maintaining a constant even level. All parts of this feeding station are made of plastic and are easy to clean.

2-in-1 Food Bowl and Water Dispenser Details
– 37cm x 29cm x 24cm
– Food container capacity: 5l
– Water bottle capacity: 460 ml

Automatic Pet Feeder
– Feeding station for cats and dogs
– Keeps dry food fresh for longer
– Manual portion control
– Food pours out once the latch is opened
– Water bottle for constant water supply

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.